SYMODD wins “Honorable Mention” at the prestigious


We are proud to announce that  SYMODD‘s new website  launched on the 29th January 2015 won an honorable mention on and is now in the running for a “site of the day” award.

Awwwards is one of the design industry’s most prestigious collections of award-winning website designs in the world.

Our website has been featured in many other Design websites like : 

  • One Page Awards
  • Site of the day 05 Feb. 2015 @ Css Nectar
  • Featured of the day @ Css Light
  • Nominated @ Css Winner




Creative Director / Digital Production Director 9 years professional experience in web/interactive, usability design, UI/UX Designer, print, environmental graphics, brand development, project management and digital production.
  • tahiwanite

    bisou 3likom hezito lina drapeau fel l9otbe chamali o l9otb ljanobi o l9dibe dyal l3id lkbir

    • Mehdi Ayache

      Shoukran Rahmo : )

  • Faiçal Oulharir

    bravoo bravooo bravoo

    • Mehdi Ayache

      Merci @Faiçal !

  • Congrats, great job!

    • Mehdi Ayache

      Thank you @Abdela ! See yoo soon incha’Allah

  • Ali

    Je viens de voir ça, bravo b’jehd les gars !

  • Youness Skiri

    Bravoo les gars, c’est genial (y)